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Rass-O’-Nil Flexo metallurgical deposit application

The method of applying Rass-O’-Nil® Flexo conductive rust preventive on HR and CRCA metal. It is very important to clean and prepare the metal surface properly for better passivation.

Rass-O’-Nil Flexo application method for fresh steel:

Step 1: Remove all foreign matter – grit, dirt, cement particles, carbon particles, primer etc by brush. Dust off the loose particles. Wipe the metal surface with a clean cloth.
Step 2: After cleaning the metal surface, mop the metal with a medium density foam roller/section dipped in Rass-O’-Nil Flexo to evenly thin film the metal surface. The surface should not be made very wet because this is a nano-coat and excess liquid will be wasted. When the metal surface is dry to touch it can stored for future use or used for further processing.

Points to note:
i) Wear rubber gloves during surface preparation and coating Rass-O’-Nil Flexo.
ii) During spray application the operator must wear glasses to protect the eyes.
iii) Rass-O’-Nil Flexo has no instant effect on the skin but wash exposed skin with water
after using Rass-O’-Nil.
iv) Rass-O’-Nil Flexo is not inflammable and is not combustible. Store Rass-O’-Nil Flexo in a sealed container. Do not add water to Rass-O’-Nil Flexo. This will damage the material.

Rass-O’-Nil is a registered trademark of Roy Research and Technology.

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