Plantee® ligno-cellulosic protein for better flowers

Plantee is a with ligno-cellulosic nitrogen based protein and nutrient for flowering plants. Plantee’s effect on plants yields better flowers that stay fresh for a longer time.

Plantee helps flower growers to earn higher returns on their produce. Flower growers in south Bengal who use Plantee get higher returns on their produce at auctions and local market sale.

Plantee’s benefits:

  • Plantee produces flowers that stay fresh after cutting much longer than flowers grown with any other product.
  • • Plantee helps to produce healthy and robust saplings. Catalyses germination, opens leaf pores, enhances photosynthesis and root formation. Prevents and cures root and stem rot, and fungal attacks and builds immunity in the plant.

  • • Plantee helps the flowering plant bear warmer weather because of climate change.

  • • Plantee catalyses bacterial activity in soil, and aids the plant to effectively absorb essential nutrients from the soil.

  • • Plantee helps the plant to blossom and prevents untimely flower shedding.

  • • Plantee improves the flower’s form, colour, and fragrance. Increases flower yield.

Plantee is tested and certified in the laboratory and field by the Bose Institute in Calcutta, sponsored by the Indian Government’s Science and Technology Department, the Indian Government approved test laboratory Superintendence Company, West Bengal Government Agriculture Department Seed Farm, and the Indian Jute Industries Research Association. Plantee is a registered trademark and patented invention of Roy Research and Technology.

After planting the saplings, mix 10 ml Plantee per litre of water and spray or drip the saplings once every week.

Plantee is made by Roy Research and Technology
Kolkata – 700 006, India
Office Phone: 8910500180

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