Denying virus mutation genetics and COVID vaccine immunology.

Denying virus mutation genetics and COVID vaccine immunology.

We have evolved in great peril and this is once again an evolutionary peril that we can literally see unravelling genetically in the protein sequence imaging of the Corona Virus mutations.

We owe James Watson a big thank you for unravelling the double helix and telling us about genetic mutation without which knowledge COVID would remain an enigma. See the cover of his book in the featured image on this post.

This earth is a gigantic wet waste composting process and animals and plants are just biding their time against microorganisms that are inside their bodies, and actually our stomachs are composting bags…working with the help of our microbiomes. Our microbiomes help metabolize our dietary nutrients through atleast 48 pathways.

Immunology deals with our microbiomes and the vaccines prepares our immune system with a learning and a nudge so that the dendritic cells of the adaptive immune system (among mononuclear white blood cells) can prepare the antibodies based on the antigens absorbed from the proteins of the spikes of the corona virus. The spikes are literally sugar coated and remain camouflaged till they connect to the protein signalling receptor cells in the lungs, heart, or brain through the so called receptor binding domain material of the spikes.

The vaccine teaches the adaptive immune system about the trojan corona spike proteins.

The short point is all allergies are not infections of alien microbes but all infections are allergies as seen by the immune system because our bodies have trillions of bacteria and virus floating around inside us.

The moral hazard of not taking the vaccine because when you are wishfully depending on denying the danger because it won’t come to you and it is the vaccine that will prepare you for the danger when you meet a vector and more important you become a vector yourself. The ethics of denying science because you doubt data based on trials and bank on hearsay is the main reason this virus will mutate.

All dogma is a type of neurosis, because each rules out the other based on the fear of some non-existent notion.

Ancient ideas are wrong, orthodoxy is not science.
“When [Scott] Atran claimed that folk biology mirrors professional biology, he was criticized because folk categories like “vegetable” and “pet” match no Linnaean taxon. He replies that they are artifacts. Not only are they defined by the needs they serve (savory, succulent food; tractable companions), but they are, quite literally, human products. Millennia of selective breeding have created corn out of a grass and carrots out of a root. One has only to imagine packs of French poodles roaming the primeval forests to realize that most pets are human creations, too”. said Steven Pincker

We have been to the moon before we had a touch screen device or we knew about CRISPR gene editing, the advance of technology has nothing to do with our beliefs, fears and biases. 

DNA: The secret of life.

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