Roy Research and Technology

Roy Research and Technology (RRT) is a bio-refining, waste to resource, clean and water-saving metal treatment to prevent corrosion clean technology research consulting firm based in Calcutta, India.

We focus on the following technology:

  1. Industrial Waste to Resource
  2. Clean metal treatment to save water, prevent pollution and prevent corrosion.
  3. Cellulosic soil enzyme and conditioner.
  4. Semiconductor for renewable energy.
  5. Timber from coal ash.
  6. Industrial effluent treatment and value added product from waste.
  7. Solar water heater
  8. Aggregates and bricks made without firing and without cement or stone powder.

Roy Research and Technology has developed technology on solar semi-conductor and wind energy, effluent treatment and conversion to a resource, renewable nitrogen bio-fertilizer, clean metal treatment and finishing technology, building industry inputs like semi-conductive cement-free bricks, roofing tiles and shingles, aggregates and conductive ink, and semiconductor for renewable energy.

Roy Research and Technology has held over 50 patents on the innovations.

For more information and answers to business consultation and inquiries please call +918910500180

You can call us on +918910500180

Roy Research and Technology

Calcutta, India

Calcutta, India;

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