Super-plasticizer Co-bond for high strength cementing

Co-Bond is a chloride-less and plastic-free, plant based hydro-polymeric super-plasticizer and strengthener for concrete, cement paint, mosaic, fly ash, and china-clay.

Co-Bond tests stringently meet IS 9103-1999 , IS 4035-1968, and IS 2645-1968.

Features: .

Co-Bond makes cement, mortar, china clay, and the like more plastic, homogeneous, compact, and nonporous. Co-Bond is compatible with all types of cement and cement paint. Co-Bond is a hydropolymeric super-plasticizer.

Co-Bond strongly bonds with most building material and old concrete, and cures to a hard and waterresistant coating.

Co-Bond compacts cement, concrete, and mortar, stopping salt penetration into concrete. UV light does not affect Co-Bond and prevents the concrete’s discolouration. It improves cement paint’s water proofing property and coverage by 20%-25%.

Co-Bond provides fast set time and high compressive strength in concrete. It improves the steel and concrete’s compactness. It reduces moisture migration to the steel, preventing rust and spalling.

Co-Bond passivates and prevents creep rust on structural steel and rods embedded in mortar, preventing rust and spalling.

Co-Bond is an excellent dispersing agent. It reduces water in and retards the admixture. It provides a better-coated aggregate for a given amount of cement.

Co-Bond gives the mortar extra tackiness – essential for quick progress of construction work.

Co-Bond helps to pump concrete and entrains air enabling the sand particles to move by each other more freely. This increases plasticity without needing extra water. The bubbles supplement sand grading and binding important for pumped concrete.

Co-Bond prevents damp, saltpetre, mould, fungus, and termite on concrete and plaster.

Co-Bond gives cement paint and acrylic emulsion paint a bright, smooth, and long-lasting surface.

Co-Bond aided mortar has an effective waterproofing character, especially after the surface is treated with our proprietary compound Wator Stop



Co-Bond is a good plasticizer and binder for bituminous emulsion compound.

Co-Bond excellently binds, modifies, and smoothens clay and fly ash and other ceramic slurries. Co-Bond improves flow, moulding, and other physical properties.

Co-Bond can be used to make fly ash and clay bricks.

Co-Bond can be used in terracotta work.

Co-Bond is very cost-effective: Add 500 ml CoBond to every 50 kg cement bag for concreting and 1 litre to every 50 kg cement bag for water-proofing.

High Performance Grade:

Co-Bond (H) High Performance Grade is an excellent super-plasticizer for high performance concrete especially for bridges, bridge decks, highways, skyscrapers, and thermal and nuclear plant’s chimney constructions.

Co-Bond (H) High Performance Grade gives an excellent early strength to the concrete and passivates the structural membrane. This system eases the blending of the steel fibres in the concrete


Co-Bond waterproofs concrete and brick surfaces with a 1 to 1.5 inch Co-bond enhanced non-porous mortar layer. Co-Bond strengthens, damp proofs, and waterproofs the mortar mix.

Co-Bond conforms to Indian Standard 2645 – 1975 in the water permeability test.

This mortar layer is a mixture of cement, sand, zero-size stone chips, and Co-Bond in the ratio of one litre Co-Bond to 50 kg cement.

The calculated thickness of a conventional casting without Co-Bond is 4 inch. Co-Bond reduces the conventional mortar layer to 1 to 1.5 inch and the mortar layer’s performance is excellent.

The ratio of the mortar mix remains the same but adding Co-Bond will reduce the thickness of (i) waterproofing (ii) new roof (iii) ceiling plaster and (iv)cement for brick lining.

This thickness reduction ultimately reduces cement mix and mortar mix requirement, and economizes the total operation. Because of the Co- Bond aided mortar mix’s tackiness, laying is done faster, saving time and labour.

Physio-chemical Mixing instructions:


Waterproofing: Add 2% by cement weight to water and

Appearance: Off-white (shake/stir well before use); mix with cement.

tacky to touch.

Mortar and mosaic: Add 2% by cement weight to water and mix with cement.

Specific gravity: 1 to 1.02

Durability: Three years at least, if stored in a cool place Coating: Add 2% by cement weight to water and mix

away from sunlight in factory-sealed containers. with cement.

Cement paint: Add 2% by cement paint weight and mix

Miscibility in water: Miscible

with paint.

Loading/Unloading temperature: Ambient

Clay, ash, ceramics (moulded products): Add 2% by

Storage temperature: Ambient the solid’s weight.

Clay and ash bricks: Add 10 litres to the water

Storage: Store in cool place away from direct sunlight

required to mix the clay/ash for 15,000 bricks.

Flammability: Not flammable

Bituminous emulsion (road): Add 2% by emulsion weight.

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