Planteeaqua Desalinates Soil and Water

Plantee® Aqua Powder is an innovation for desalinating water and soil with cat-ion exchange capacity (CEC) and provides cellulosic phenylpropanoid bio-protein (containing natural nitrogen), dissolved oxygen, and metals in ion form to water and soil.

Plantee Aqua powder has an excellent capacity for cat-ion exchange in soil. Plantee Aqua powder controls and neutralizes acidity and contributes dissolved oxygen and nitrogen to water and soil.
Plantee Aqua powder is positively charged and improves the electrochemical processes of the soil and water.

Plantee Aqua with cation exchange capacity (CEC) contributes to nutrient ions, for example, ammonia, calcium, magnesium, dissolved oxygen and nitrogen along with lignocellulosic bio-protein.
Many microorganisms in soil and water carry a negative charge, which enables them to attract nutrients and to move freely about humus and clay colloids with cation exchange capacity.

Lignin is derived from phenylpropanoids, which are a family of organic compounds with an aromatic ring and a three-carbon propene tail, and are synthesized by plants from the amino acids phenylalanine and tyrosine.

Phenylpropanoids help the plant respond to biotic and abiotic stimuli. They highlight plant stress responses upon variation of light or mineral treatment and are involved in the plant’s resistance to pests.

Plantee Aqua powder conditions soils like red soil, laterite soil, alluvial soil, sandy soil and black cotton soil by providing calcium, phosphorus, boron, manganese, zinc and lignocellulosic bio-protein with organic matter (OM), and dissolved oxygen and nitrogen. The soil pH must be neutral and Plantee Aqua powder helps make acidic and alkaline soil neutral.

Plantee® Aqua Powder improves soil microbiome health, ensures supply of balanced plant nutrients in the form of free protein(s) and trace minerals and provides a favorable environment for the nitrogen-fixing bacteria.

Better plant growth 2 improve photo synthesis and CO conversion 3 food retention 4 excellent C E C material for plant and soil and water 5 semi conductive ion exchange 6 correction of saline acidic sandy soil 7 cleaning of fishery water 8 controlling soil erosion 9 improvement of river lake pond embankment

Water conditioning with Plantee Aqua Powder

Plantee Aqua powder conditions water and arrests and improves Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) and controls and neutralises Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) in water. The microorganisms in water get sufficient oxygen. The bio-dynamics of the water body is maintained for fish cultivation. The probiotic effect of Plantee Aqua powder helps to remove pathogens from water. The toxic gases and harmful substances like hydrogen Sulphide, Sulphur dioxide and methane are at the bottom of the water body. Plantee Aqua powder helps zooplankton and phytoplankton growth in water. The plankton provides nutrients to fish. Plantee Aqua powder can be used in fresh and salt-water.

Plantee Aqua Powder Neutralizes aquatic pollutants

Aquatic pollution is a major threat for the habitat and fish in a water body. For example 1) Bio-chemical oxygen demand (BOD), 2) Chemical Oxygen Demand, 3) Carbon Dioxide, 4) Ammonia, 5) Hydrogen Sulphide, 6) Methane, 7) Acidic water, and toxic gas either in dissolved from especially at the bottom of the water body. Plantee Aqua powder neutralizes all these kinds of aquatic pollutants.



Plant root growth by lignified Plantee Aqua Powder soil enricher Plantee protects the plant from bacteria and fungus that cause stem and root rot by building immunity. Warm and wetter weather and flooding increases the spread of fungus and bacteria on plants and crops destroying crop yield.