Plantee Enzyme and Chlorophyll treated bio agri-weave geo-textile.

Features: The product allows for significant reduction in water and herbicide consumption.

Excellent mulching operation replacing hydrocarbon based plastic polyethylene sheets.
1) Better water retention and easier crop management (reduction of herbicide) and donates the right nutrients.

2)Supresses weed growth

3) Water saving

4) Provide soil moisture

5) Labour saving


7) Prevent Chemical Run Off

8) Increased minimum and average soil temperature

9) Decrease maximum soil temperature

10) Improve soil condition with organic donor and moisture

11) Creates a fabourable aerobic condition due to air flow.

12) Control soil erosion

13) UV stabilized use in harsh climactic condition.

14)  Integrates planting lines assited with row allocation and spacing.

15) Bio-degradable and decomposes as soil fertilizer.

16) Enzymatic cycles improve plants and crops friendly microbial growth.

17)Excellent ion-exchange (cation) with the replacement of Na with Cafor saline soil.

18)Excellent bio-wrapper and mulcher for tree plantation and tree transplantation.

19) High chlorophyll content to improve the photosynthesis process.

20) Donor of lignin to bind soil structure.

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