Planteeside Phenylpropanoid Botanical Pest Control

Planteeside Botanical Insect control

Planteeside is a cellulose-based unique botanical pesticide and bio-fertilizer. Planteeside is a botanical insecticide, fungicide, bactericide, larvicide, and vermicide. 

Planteeside is the first high yielding bio-mass based botanical pesticide and fertilizer that has natural renewable cellulosic nitrogen, bio-proteins, and naturally occurring iron, zinc, copper, boron, and phosphorous, and neem and other plant extracts in synergistic form.

Sustainable material science works in the ecological process with renewable, reusable. and durable use of chemical elements. There is no waste created and no unused byproduct in the ecosystem.

Nature selects phylogenetic relationships between organisms through bio-geographic and genealogical distribution over generations, organisms are not necessarily related by human observed morphology and universality. Quantum mechanics shows that science doesn’t happen in isolation from our environment.

Planteeside’s Features:

  • Builds the plant’s immunity against insects, fungus, and termites
  • Retains the (natural) taste, colour, and odour of the plant or crop’s produce
  • Does not leave poisonous chemical residue on plant or on/in the plant’s produce
  • Keeps the produce fresh longer and so the produce can be stored for a longer time
  • Fixes natural nitrogen with neem in the soil
  • Can be used to control pests in flowers, fruits, vegetables, and crops
  • Planteeside’s natural effect on plants yields quality produce that stays fresh for a longer time.

Planteeside is a registered trademark and Indian Patent of Roy Research and Technology.

Dosage: Ten ml Planteeside per litre of water – spray on plants and trees once every week. Packing: One litre HDPE Bottle.

Price: Rupees One Thousand per litre/- The price includes packaging but shipping and GST is extra in India.

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