Roy-crete Semi-Conductor

Roy-crete Semi-Conductor

The greatest quantum of electric energy from climate warming coal and natural gas fired thermal steam turbines because the steam engine turning a dynamo is the legacy of the industrial revolution.

Roy Research and Technology has developed a electrically and electronically conductive semiconductor. A clean semi-conducting material to generate clean electromotive force at a low cost.

The semiconductor is a unique radiation absorber with the capacity to absorb electromagnetic radiation from any source. The semiconductor absorbs electromagnetic and radio frequency radiation. The semiconductor has a radiation shielding property.

The major application for the semiconductor is to produce photoelectricity from the sun in solar panels, concrete bricks and panels. The semiconductor has a capacitor property to act as a battery.

The semiconductor powered road can emit charge for electric battery vehicles to charge from the road surface while travelling. Another application is the wireless charging of electronic devices. The semiconductor can warm and melt ice on road surface.

RRT has invented a nano-synthesized material for conductive concrete in form of dry mix, brick, block, panel for electromagnetic wave shielding by absorbing and reflecting materials. Considering the growth of the electronic industries and the widespread use of hyper connected electronic equipment in communications, computation automations, bio-medicine, space and other uses have led to many electromagnetic interference (EMI) problems simultaneously equipment down the rapid development of advanced electronic devices and their applications has brought with it a growing interest and development in electromagnetic wave absorbing material.

Many commercial and military applications data transmission telecommunications underground cable laying wireless network system.

Satellite Broadcasting and radar absorbing and diagnostic medical equipment and protection system for gas & explosive, defense equipment etc, where require shielding against radiation from electro-smog or electromagnetic wave emission.

Presently, electromagnetic waves in the 1 – 15 GHz range are broadly used in wireless communication tool and local area network. In near future, usable range of EM will tend to shift further to higher frequency region with development information technology as well as devices.

Many devices contribute (EM) exposure such as cell phone with frequencies of 900 – 1800 MHz and FM/AM radio broadcasts of 30 – 300 MHz and 300 – 3000KHz, radar signal communication system extending 1to 10000 MHz.

There are number of observations, findings and research papers about the negative effects caused by electro-smog or electromagnetic radiation in wave form on people, animal, and environment. It propagates abnormal chemical activity to produce cancer cell and increases possibility of leukemia and other cancer.

Injuries by electromagnetic radiation to the human body are a top concern and Roy Research and Technology aims to solve this problem EM radiation in buildings. Roy Research and Technology invented and developed through decades of research a unique Roy-crete™ concrete, mix, brick, and panel.

Conductive concrete, dry mix, block, brick and panel arrests EM radiation by absorbing and grounding or reflecting electro-smog emission.

Roy-crete™ composite material is an multipurpose semi-conductive attenuator (EMI / RFI) for shielding all types of electromagnetic wave radiation including low level nuclear source.

Roy Research and Technology has developed fire retardant conductive cloth, paper, and artificial timber, foam to reduce EM radiation emission and prevent static buildup to facilitate grounding, earthing and reduce harmful effects, to humans and equipment.

These inventions of electrical and electronic conductive material will find another large scale applications such as hyper-connectivity through electrified infrastructure. Roy-crete™ conductive concrete and its end product gives early warning system during crack or damage of building, wall, dam, railway line crack and self power lane, highway pavement for battery charging, heating etc.

Roy-crete™ electrical and electronically conductive concrete is a good grounding electrode & provide a permanent low resistance. In result resist corrosion with stand electrical surges disintegration.

Roy-crete™ conductive concrete, in form of dry mix block, panel, brick have excellent semi conductive properties which will find many other innovative application for smart building world.

Roy-crete™ Material has excellent semiconductive character with memory. This will find its usage as bulk capacitor for storage of solar electrical energy specially at roof top.

Roy-crete™ and its products are extremely suitable for enclosure shielded against EMI / RFI to produce ‘Faraday’ cage it replaces metal enclose and will absorb or reflect electromagnetic energy.

Roy-crete™ composite material has excellent very high dielectric constant and high electrical properties at room temperature. This is an unique material for capacitor fabrication, ionic batteries and electrochemical sensor. With unique electrical and optical memory, chemical properties offered a new concept of wireless charge transport mechanism.

Roy-crete’ an semi conductive morter and it’s end products as well as well as application forms hyper-connectivity to electrified infrastructure able to power vehicles, make, road, bridges, dam, snow covered pavement, early warning of crack to construction, early warning of earth quake system smart, early warning of weather disaster, improve wireless networks, sensor connectivity, car communications etc. Further utilization of waste generated electric to charge electric vehicles

The images below demonstrate the çonductive, capacitive, and semi-conductive nature of the material.

Roy crete with sensors support can diagnose individual blood pressure, sugar heart condition, mood etc in semi conductor wall and floor based room

Semi conductive ink, coating

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