Roy-crete™ Semiconductor for photovoltaic electricity, electromagnetic shielding, and green hydrogen from catalytic electrolysis.

Roy-crete generates photoelectricity.

Roy-crete™  Semi-conductor generates photoelectricity and is a capacitor to store energy, shields against electromagnetic radiation and absorbs electrostatic charge to prevent fire in hydrocarbons industry. Roy-crete™ semiconductor is an efficient catalyst for solar water splitting by photovoltaic electrolysis to produce green hydrogen.

The Semiconductor is a unique electromagnetic field absorber with the capacity to absorb electromagnetic radiation and electrostatic charge from any source. The semiconductor is a good radiation shield.

Roy Research and Technology has developed fire retardant conductive cloth, paper, and artificial timber, foam to reduce EM radiation emission and prevent static buildup to facilitate grounding, earthing and reduce harmful effects, to humans and equipment. Roy-crete™ electrical and electronically conductive concrete is a good grounding electrode that provides permanent low resistance and withstand electrostatic surges.

The rapid development of electronic devices and their applications has brought with it a growing interest and development in electromagnetic wave absorbing material, radar absorbing and protection system for oil and gas industry, defense equipment require shielding against radiation from electro-smog or electromagnetic wave emission.

Prevent fire hazard in the energy industry.

Roycrete Semi-conductor Photoelectricity: The  Roycrete semiconductor produces photo-electricity from the sun in panels, concrete bricks and panels. The semiconductor has a capacitor property to store charge and act as a battery. The electricity generated from a particular surface area is higher than a similar solar panel or tile. Roycrete™ Material has excellent semi-conductive character with memory. This will find its usage as bulk capacitor for storage of photoelectricity. The return on investment will be much greater with the Semiconductor.

Roycrete Semi-conductor Hyper-connectivityThe growth of the electronic industries and the widespread use of hyperconnected electronic equipment in communications, computation automation, bio-medicine, radar, space and satellite broadcasting and and other uses have led to many electromagnetic interference (EMI) problems with equipment down time.

Roy Research and Technology has invented a nano-material semi-conductive brick, block, panel. The electrical and electronic conductive material generates hyper-connectivity through electrified infrastructure like self powered lane, highway pavement for battery charging.

Roy-crete semi-conductor material’s hyper-connectivity to charged infrastructure is able to power vehicles, road, bridges, dam, melt snow on snow covered pavement, provides early alert about cracks to construction, early warning of earthquake system, early warning of weather disaster, improves wireless networks, sensor connectivity, car communications.

Roy-crete™ semi-conductor can sense and warn during crack or damage of building, wall, dam, and railway line crack.

Electromagnetic waves in the 1 – 15 GHz range are broadly used in wireless communication tool and local area network. In near future, usable range of EM will tend to shift further to higher frequency region with development of information technology and devices.

Roy-crete semi-conductor conductivity: Roy-crete™ and its products are extremely suitable for enclosures shielded against EMI / RFI to produce a ‘Faraday’ cage because it replaces metal enclosures and will absorb or reflect electromagnetic radiation. Roy-crete™ semi-conductor has a very high dielectric constant and high electrical properties at room temperature. This material can be used for capacitor fabrication, ionic batteries and electrochemical sensor. With unique electrical and optical memory, chemical properties offered a new concept of wireless charge transport mechanism.

The conductive, capacitive, and semi-conductive character of Roy-crete Semi-conductor.
Semi-conductor block, brick, and panels arrest electromagnetic radiation by absorbing and grounding or reflecting electro-smog emission. Roy-crete™ material is a semi-conductive attenuator (EMI / RFI) for shielding all types of electromagnetic wave radiation.
Semi-conductive wood
Electromagnetic radiation shielding
Electromagnetic radiation shielding
Semi-conductive Brick
Semi-conductive Cloth
Semi-conductive Ink: Semi conductive ink /coating for converting any material surface as semi-conductor.
Solar water splitting by photovoltaic electrolysis to produce green hydrogen with Roy-crete™ semi-conductor catalyst.

The Semiconductor splits water by solar photovoltaic alkaline electrolysis to produce green 270 liters of green hydrogen per panel per day.

The Solar water splitting system for bio-hydrogen or green hydrogen gas process consist of poly alkaline material mixed with water. The vessel is fitted with positive and negative electrodes dipped into the alkaline electrolyte solution. Batteries are connected with the photovoltaic cells and the discharge side with the inverter.

The electrical charge from solar PV in the highly efficient catalytic electrolyte solution generates green hydrogen in much higher volume than conventional electrolysis water splitting. This enriched catalyst forms a binary compound alkaline system integrated into solar water electrolyzes to deliver a current density of 10mA cm-2 and voltage of 1.9v for water splitting to produce Hydrogen.

Roy-crete particle semi-conductor electrolyte is a highly enriched poly-catalyst for solar water splitting. The catalyst for solar water splitting for hydrogen showed the best results for proton reduction and water reduction respectively.

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