Pine-Col Solar Glass Cleaning

Solar Glass Cleaning

Pine-Col Eco-friendly light trapping solar glass cleaner

Solar glass cleaning for very high dust removal efficiency and light trapping properties. Solar glass cleaning for removing soil and particulate matter dirt by applying electrodynamic screen (EDS) and less static buildup improves efficiency factor. Pine-col helps with high conversion of electromagnetic spectrum, photon to electron. Reduce UV radiation to PV module.

Maximize the PV efficiency. Self-cleaning surface soil and stains. Nano scale repellent finish keeps water, soil, stains on the top of the glass surface penetrating for next time cleaning. Lasting protection to keep solar panels cleaner and efficient in between periodic washing with soap and water or other cleaner. The products are easy to use in before and after manufacturing applications. Safe on glass, plastic thin film panels. Designed to clean glass, absorb light, and protect the solar panel. For the preservation and energy efficiency of solar panels.

Physical Properties

pH – 6.5 to 7

Specific Gravity – 1.01

Flammability – None

VOC – None

Toxicity – Non-toxic

Application – Single

Color – Light yellow or Blue Smell – Lemonic

Application Method – By microfiber cloth no streak mark. Cleaning streak – No streak mark. 

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